de volets roulants



Machines designed for the manufacture of roller shutter aprons.



Designed to save time and quality when drilling the slides.



Ideal machines for cutting aluminum or PVC roller shutter components.


Assembly & Packaging

Designed for the assembly & testing of boxes and machines for the creation of all types of cardboard boxes


Automatic machines for the assembly of aluminium roller shutter curtains.

Technical specifications

  • Easy programming thanks to a touch screen (manual entry, barcode reader, Ethernet link)
  • Automatic blade assembly
  • Locking of the blades by the installation of crimped end caps.
  • Minimum apron: 550 mm / maximum: 4 000 mm
  • Manual blade loading
  • Automatic winding of the apron
  • Maximum 3 types of blades
  • Manual stop

Machines for cutting & assembling aluminum roller shutter curtains.

Technical specifications

  • Cutting and assembling the blades
  • Industrial touch PC
  • 400 mm to 4m deck
  • Falls reduction
  • Automated head adjustments
  • Motorized engagement adjustment
  • Motorized drive adjustment
  • Motorized blade pusher
  • Motorized scraper
  • Digital support/troubleshooting

Machines for cutting & assembling PVC roller shutter curtains.

Technical specifications

  • Easy programming thanks to a touch screen (manual entry, barcode reader, Ethernet link)
  • Cutting and assembling the blades
  • Locking of the slats by the installation of a stainless steel wire
  • Minimum apron: 550 mm / maximum: 4 000 mm
  • Automatic blade loading (loader, double loader or unloader)
  • Automatic winding of the apron
  • Up to 3 types of blades

Automatic machine that drills the pre-cut guides of aluminium roller shutters in pairs

Technical specifications

  • Equipped for 3 types of pre-cut slides
  • Pneumatic holding cylinders
  • 2 electric drills on top
  • 2 electric drills downstairs
  • 10 types of drilling programs
RC AX 6000

Robot cutter for 2 types of roller shutter or awning shafts from 40 to 100mm diameter.

Technical specifications

  • 10 bar loader
  • Small toothed band saw
  • Raising and lowering of the automatic saw
  • Automatic bar feeder with cut axis evacuation
  • Micro-spray system
  • Output table with sorting of finished products and scraps

The cutting robot for cutting the components of aluminum or PVC roller shutters.

Technical specifications

  • Simple and quick operation via touch screen
  • Cutting of all types of ALU or PVC profiles
  • U-shaped trunk passage
  • Maximum length of raw profile: 6.5m
  • Maximum length of flow at the outlet: 5m
  • Automatic box guiding and holding system
  • Pneumatic holding cylinders

Automatic assembly bench that allows to assemble, test and check the aluminum and PVC roller shutter during the vertical assembly

Technical specifications

  • Mounting of the boxes in ergonomic positions
  • Roller shutter boxes 3 m x 3.5 m (H x W)
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Equipped for 3 different types of slides

Automatic machine that cuts your cardboard boxes, equipped with 6 motorized creasing and cutting tools.

Technical specifications

  • Motorized rollers for automatic carton feed
  • 6 motorized cutting and grooving tools in width
  • 1 motorized cutting and grooving tool in length
  • Cylinders to drive each tool independently,
  • Support for web feeder
  • Flat table on casters at the exit (dimension 3 m x 1.5 m),
  • PLC and PC with dimensional display of the box plan,
  • Possibility to produce boxes by unit or in series
  • Possibility of manual data entry or via a production file (by Ethernet or USB key),
  • Max. web width 1,7 m

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